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Acoustic rotherham


Acoustic Rotherham Hiring Fairs was the brain child of The Rawmarsh Mashers, and like all good ideas, pinched from others, mainly the now defunct monthly Hiring Fair in Loftus.

Fed up with two or three song sets at Open Mics, Sessions and Folk Clubs we needed a stage where we could develop our ideas and Test them on an unsuspecting public.  

More importantly we discovered on our travels that we were not the only Act to be frustrated by singing what seemed to be the same songs to the same people every week as we toured around our favourite haunts.   We discovered a huge body of talent, from singer song writers to full bands all looking for an opportunity to showcase their potential in a longer set format.

On what was a bright October Sunday afternoon in 2008 the first Acoustic Rotherham Hiring Fair was held at The Monkwood, Rawmarsh, and following it’s success, it has become a solid quarterly date, and remains popular with Artists.  

Our home is now at The Queens or Crown, Rawmarsh, depending upon which Pub is available.  This because of a stand we had to take a couple of years ago when it was discovered that the then Land Lord was entertaining meetings of the BNP , something which as firm  socialists we could not over look.

More recent events have been held at The Bridge in Rotherham Town Centre.

Over one hundred different Acts have now performed on an Acoustic Rotherham stage.  

The Hiring Fairs are open to everyone, no matter what standing, we always encourage new and emerging talent to appear, especially young people.  

The Web Site has gone from strength to strength in terms of popularity with the musicians and others of South Yorkshire.  Over 1,000 hits are made on the Web Site weekly. Our readership makes us one of the most read sites of our genre in the UK.  Only the big glossy sites, like Spiral Earth, are ahead of us according to Alexia the International site tracking Organisation.

We now have a network of Web Sites covering all RAE operational projects.




Our weekly all encompassing News Blog now has a regular weekly readership in excess of 400 via the various Internet places from which it is published.    

Our Listing pages provide important notifications of regular Folk Club and Open Mic events as well as concerts and other live music venues.

Acoustic Rotherham has been involved in a number of initiatives to take Acoustic Music out to new audiences.   We’ve toyed with Working Men’s Clubs, even running a Folk Club in one for a short period of time, a concept that while introducing the un-inducted to the modern scene did not really did not hold.

We’ve also promoted various evenings of music with a variety of Partners.  Work started for the Rotherham Open Arts Festival has more latterly seen acoustic Rotherham take part in the Ferritistvial in 2013 and the Popped Art Festival in 2014.

Acoustic Rotherham has consistently looked for ways to promote the talent in Rotherham.  To strengthen this RAE was formed providing a bridge between acoustic music and our noisy friends on the rock scene .  RAE while maintaining musical roots other ARTs have come on board.  

Rotherham Art Events has burst on the scene, and Acoustic Rotherham is now a firm Partner of this not for profit Company

It has taken sometime for RAE to settle down, during which we have struggled to find an equilibrium between our roots within the acoustic community and having to find income streams to support our other projects.

We will be helping to promote Acoustic / Folk based events in Rotherham during 2015 when it’s hoped that some top names will be visiting the Trades.

We will also be breathing new life into the Acoustic Rotherham Hiring Fairs.

Most important of all though is our tie up with MyPlace Rotherham to set up the Foundation Record Project for young people, providing musicians, poets and ethnic story tellers with the opportunity to gain a range of skills while demonstrating to the World the amazing talent we have in Rotherham.

Currently, like mother ship RAE, Acoustic Rotherham survives only by generosity of the artists giving their time for free and donations from the public. We are always appreciative of donations.

RAE also encourages Sponsorship of Events.  


The RAE News / Blog page keeps you up to date with much of what is happening on the Rotherham music and Arts scene.  

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